Mom life Journey

I have been an online missionary for many years now at 100000 monthly visitors per month level now. I have over came a mom who ran out my life at a very tender age. To have zilch to do with her children. To a dad who was an alcoholic now deceased but PRAISE THE LORD passed in the Lord’s army.To spending 2 years with severe handicap kids ones that end up in shelter work shops or sadly even worse than that happens to them. Getting put out in middle of now where with outhouse no running water To getting locked up 6 1/2 months with bars on windows two metal doors at each end To end up in a domestic violence marriage of 16+ years.

Did not cross the bridge of forgiveness until my dad passed away So many many years it took to cross that bridge But now cross Praise the Lord for that mighty blessing. 

So my life not a bed of roses with the thorns can see have had many many many of those. Can not lie been those times I put my Lord up in an apple tree and I dare my Lord to come down from that apple tree. But there 48+ strong is a deep love between the Lord and what will help me weather out this storm I am going through with my son.

Today I am cherished loved respected in a strong biblical marriage of 16+years Serving my Lord King of Kings Soon coming King. Of all the storms I have come through over come I know this one with my son will surely become the roughest the hardest storm of them all As all the other storms I somehow some way WILL ARISE ABOVE THE STORM and once again soar like an eagle

But understand stand completely fully it’s a painful journey I must go through to soar once again like an eagle But the eagle will fly again AMEN \0/ So ministry life will go on RESPECT MY UP DOWNS IN Between will go through all emotions than some I respect me does not make me less of a person or less of a Christian I call it a battle of my flesh Sadly I must go through to recover from this massive storm facing that is upon me now. Am determine two things.  1) To remain in Lord’s army  2) That I will recover once again soar like an eagle 

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be patient with me 


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