Sadly a BATTLE for a soul

Like the airplanes hit the twin towers America knew not was a complete shock to America Twin Towers would completely collapsed under the weight of the storm. I will not be collapsing under the weight of this storm 48+years as a lion My anchor though batter and torn will hold For that anchor is my Lord my King of Kings I will be arising above the storm

But what hit my life came with no warning signs’ nothing to prepare me Like the airplanes hit the twin towers how exactly this storm hit with a direct powerful hit. Right straight into a mommy heart Was going to go private not let the world know. But my son went public on me through Facebook 1st I prayed how do I handle this Lord as please you (first) that of course my son. This birth screamingintothedarkness blog and now I have a place to vent Prayerfully help others as well is my prayer.

Now I forgive my son for taking this public for the world to see the journey and accept no longer a private journey. But a journey the world will now be also going on if choose to do so.

I was’nt the best parent, but I was the best parent I could be. I raised my son in the Lord’s army to go the narrow pathway Show him the wide path way goes straight to pits of hell where there is no exit My son was in Church Sunday school VBS even church summer camp Try to live my life out as an example to keep myself on the narrow path way But also neither was I perfect but imperfect I was Romans 3:23 I fall short of the glory of God.

Though says PROUD UGLY no way no how did I or would I teach that to my son or even accept Lord and I taught my son you are fearfully wonderfully made Psalms 139 but sadly refuses to hear this teaching of love and compassion as if look at my son Facebook profile says PROUD UGLY no way know how my son is not PERIOD If wants to listen to that satan lie than on my son than not I as mom.

This is the part that crushed ripped a mom heart completely apart Called me to gather intercession prayer warriors to battle prayer and yes put me into biblical counseling This will become a mighty long road to recovery, and I am accepting that is the way it must become Was not even able to do this All I could do was weep weep weep cry cry cry and still doing 72 plus hours into this adventure now.

My son broke to me was transgender /LGBT movement which I know right now is breaking hell wide open where there is no exit. THE LOVE I HAVE FOR MY SON WILL NEVER EVER EVER EVER CHANGE no way not happening. But I will stand firmly on the Word of God Bible and HATE THE SIN for now is abomination not pleasing to my Lord. Though my son says STOP STOP STOP gathering prayer warriors etc… Even stop this blog I WILL NOT NO WAY NO HOW I will fight with every thing in me to make sure my son does not break hell wide open. For I am determined satan will not get my beloved son no way know how not happening on this mommy. So this battle war has sadly now begun.

I ask for privacy for me and my son as we go on this journey For extremely difficult for both of us mom and son DO NOT PUSH US FOR DETAILS ETC... give us our space privacy For mommy gave the world screaming in the darkness blog and in return we request our privacy as son and I go on this journey together. AT LEAST MOM WILL ARISE ABOUT THE STORM remain in the Lord’s army somehow some way will happen As for my son PRAY PRAY RE-PRAY likewise will happen AMEN \0/ Be blessed in the Lord soon coming King Prayerfully say to will be done faithful servant welcome home


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