Remain firm with Bible Word of God

The world now knows how I stand Firmly on the Bible Word of God planted firmly (Love the sinner Hate the sin) Homosexuality is Sodomy and an abomination to the Almighty God….. It‘s goes against God’s order of things, which is marriage between a man and a woman, which God ordained because it was Good……….satan, who is the god of this world has seduced the masses to accept this lie that it’s ok for two of the same gender to marry and to practice this lewd and vile thing they call marriage, which it’s not because God has not ordained it and never will…….. When Jesus Christ returns to claim what is His (which is everything that He has create); those who are practicing this vile depraved act will realize by the Brightness of His coming that they were wrong about everything, but by then it will be all too late…….. Therefore, pray for them that Christ Jesus reveal Himself to them as being their only Lord and Savior of the world.  That those who practice… sodomylesbianismsexual perversions fornication adulteries and other abominations to repent of their sins and Believe in the Gospel of Christ Jesus and that they Walk in His Ways…… Nelson Baerga
Unsure if this will become a usable resource for screaming into darkness Have reached out and waiting for response to come forth now So let’s book mark and PRAY over this possible lead AMEN\0/  
#WeMustStop #DomesticAbuse 
#PhysicalAbuse #MentalAbuse