Shock bubble has finally busted

The bubble has busted
If Love the Lord and not out to wound Than reach out to me Or otherwise ignore I need it not Lord understands my pain The BOLDNESS The shock busted has finally busted on me
Oh my gosh where did this pain come from
As the world knows shock bubble busted this morning I will receive no negative energy WILL BLOCK only positive energy will I accept For I need to arise above the storm For the eagle can once again soar PRAY PRAY RE-PRAY wash bathe AMEN\0/
This what I need offline to happen But sadly not happening So I pulled myself offline completely now due to negative energy but online ministry has arose above the storm and soaring like a Eagle Helping me to recover rebound arise above the storm and once again soar like a eagle and determine I will and shall AMEN\0/
#WeMustStop #DomesticAbuse
#PhysicalAbuse #MentalAbuse