Gathering the Christians

Pray Pray Re-Pray
Offline sadly we shoot our wounded Make their wound go deeper grade F- Through screaming in the darkness My prayer is simple This grade will increase go up For online we receive A+ we receive the lions who are rejected by the world
LORD not I calling you into service
Its time offline we stop shooting the wounded as sadly doing
It’s time we gather in prayer around the wounded So even though amidst a mighty storm I will start the ball rolling now Starting May 26 2019 around 1:30 after church over Announce doing church announcements spread through Facebook etc … Bring Soda Pop cover dish as we gather in prayer for my son
Even though holiday weekend the lion I am would show up Make away there is no way I would squeeze it in That the heart of a lion .How we roll and yes since holiday weekend could become five minutes than onto other activity plans could also become completed as needed
So this warrior needs PEOPLE TO SHOW UP gather around the warrior Also can light up my Facebook message
my email box So many ways to wrap around a wounded warrior remember
The Lion has declared WAR
Another reason for this sadly have a mother in law age 79 + determine to break hell wide open on us Been through many a storm of life Sadly hold inward While I let go let God have Yes been invited but sadly more than likely sit at home While we are at our home have a cookout having fun 
Sadly was a no show beside intimidate family
But on day of judgement Lord will take care of this negative
For Lord well remember those who wounded the wounded
and those who did not wound the wounded AMEN\0/
(Just required to forgive move forward both being done)
Yes my husband mom no show but my husband called his mom as Lord requires
Prayerfully blog will stop this wounded the wounded AMEN\0/
#WeMustStop #DomesticAbuse
#PhysicalAbuse #MentalAbuse
So different kind of “ME TIME” Gathering the people around a wounded solider