*****A word from the Lord*****

~ ❤ ~ Gone Fishing ~ ❤ ~
I see Jesus in a boat in the middle of the lake; I only see is his back. It’s twilight, looks like he’s fishing. It’s peaceful and quiet. I long to be with him.
So tired of the tests and trials, the turmoil that comes with life itself. I’m well aware in this life there will be trouble.
I’d long to be with Jesus on that boat, I wouldn’t care if I caught any fish.
I wait to hear his voice this morning yet what I’m longing for peace and quiet. Where Jesus does some of his best work and some of the richest blessings take place; in his presence. Where peace flows like a river and stillness soothes the weary soul.
I’d remain with him. He’s so still, so calm. Watching him on that boat causes me to cry, “Abba!”
Hours would pass and time would become meaningless, it happens that way in his presence; time becomes the great commodity. It tastes of eternity.
Listening, with nothing to request other than the silence of the moment; to be with him.
The boat drifts aimlessly, smooth waters yet from my vantage point all I see are troubled waters.
My soul cries, “Jesus Help! Save me.”
Simple prayers of little faith, he promised that’s all it’d take is a little faith.
The boat slowly turns drifting in my direction. I wait and watch from the troubled shore; clinging to the little faith.
The boat turns, I can almost see the side of his face. Excitement builds anticipating his face; getting close enough to join him in that small vessel.
I pray Jesus is coming to take my hand; inviting me to come with him. Hope calms my heart.
Today watching Jesus drifting on that little boat, peacefully fishing or what ever he’s doing makes me realize the value of peace and quiet; time with him in his wonderful presence.
The boat continues to drift turning in my direction.
I see the silhouette of his shoulder, his chest; the rugged outline of his face.
Inside I’m jumping up and down, waving my arms making every effort to get his attention; making sure he’s knows I’m here. “I’m right here!”
What if he doesn’t see me? What if he’s coming for other business?
The thought of being with him in that boat washes away the momentary troubles, the concerns that weigh me down. I feel lighter just thinking of being in his presence.
I don’t even like fishing, but the thought of peace and quiet, being with him in the calm open waters makes me feel alive.
I trust he sees me, he’s almost facing me.
Wait a minute. There’s someone in the boat with Jesus, sitting on the other side.
Jesus isn’t fishing, he’s listening; quietly listening to the cries of my heart.
That’s me in the boat.
He was with me all the time, attentive to my heart, every burden; he was listening.
I look back at the troubled shore and drift away with Jesus. I see a sign on the shore as we drift off, it says, “Gone Fishing.”
Dear friends thank you for your encouragement and prayers along the way, and to the critics, I’ve learned much about myself from you as well. God bless you all!
Take time to read: John 15.4, Psalm 29.11, Psalm 46.10, Proverbs 12.20, Isaiah 26.3, John 14.27, John 16.33, Genesis 28.15, Psalm 16.11, Revelation 21.3 and Exodus 33.14 with new eyes unknown