Its a choice positive or negative

Affirm: I know my power is in believing what I can envision in my mind, not really in what’s happening in front of me. Everything that can happen for me, starts with a single thought. The more I believe in that thought, the more I feel it. The more I feel it, the quicker I manifest it into my reality.

My faith is in a greater power than what’s in front of me. I choose to connect with a higher power to guide me through this shift. I grow stronger everyday, because I trust in the energy that sustains me. How can I not trust the source that powers all of life so precisely without a single error? Don’t let fear, negativity, and lower vibrational energy steal your shine.

Everything you want is just an energy shift away. Shifting your mind from lack and limitations to absolute possibilities. There’s no reason why you can’t have what you want out of life. With enough faith, anything is possible for you. We have a beautiful gift called the imagination to create from. Our mind allows us to see beyond current circumstances. We can either visualize in detail the experiences we want to have or fall trap to the experiences we already created.
Most people settle, because they forgot their real power.

They settle out of fear that “this is it for me” or they assume life has nothing else to offer them. Being a victim of circumstances is giving up your creative mind power. Know what you want. Visualize it. Feel good about yourself. Become what you want. You’re not a victim. You’re not the negative beliefs you were told. Nothing is set in stone. The universe is flowing and ready to align you to your visions. What you’re sending out is returning to you. Believe in it till it manifests for you….

IamHim Namaste