Yep how lion feeling :O(

Am I doing God’s will?

I often wonder if what I post online for God has any affect on anyone or am I just putting things out there for no real reason

I wonder if what I say will help anyone. 
I wonder if God is really using me to help anyone

Am I putting my best foot forward but it isn’t doing any good.

Am I being selfish for wanting an answer to show me I am doing good or should I be content with knowing I am doing what God asks me to do.

Do I really need to know if my shot in the dark went anywhere?

When you pray for someone do you feel you have done what you were asked by God to do?
If you give someone money how do you know it is what God wants you to do.
If you reach out a helping hand how do you know God will use that for His purposes?
Do you ever question if you should do this or that for God?

Satan comes in and scrambles our thinking. He can make us question whether we are in God’s path or not.

He can make us wonder if we are doing good or just spinning our wheels. He can discourage us into not bothering to do what we are supposed to do. He can urge us to say no I can’t do that God.

But we need to recognize the devil’s hand and ask God to rebuke him in your life. Ask God to take away the discouragement and give you the courage to rise above the negative thinking.

Praise the Lord when you feel down. Praise the Lord if you feel you are not going where you should be. He will bless you and help you every time you need it!

When you pray God may tap you on the shoulder and say Well Done my Child. He knows your need and He is there to guide you.

No matter if you are doing what you think is right but you’re not sure. You will know if God thinks it is right by how he touches your life. You can know by spending time listening for God to direct you.

Silence from God can often times mean we have to wait for an answer of whatever we are asking. So if you don’t see an immediate result from your actions then trust God is working behind the scenes.

We have to trust that God can use whatever we do to bless others.

But no matter the cost we must go forward doing God’s work as best we can in the situation God has put us in. If we are in a bad situation God will use it to show us how we can come closer to Him. He will work the bad to the good of God’s will

Be assured my loved one that God is there for you. He is there to pick you up and to make use of you as He sees fit. We are here to reach out to those who are blind and can not see. We are here to keep uplifting those around us. We keep going and keep following God’s commands.

One day we will be with the Savior in Heaven and Oh what a day that will be!!!! Amen!

God Bless you today and always!! unknown