Went to my counselor finally today as whether I go back is in prayer

For I am seeing being taught is acceptance on what my Lord Bible calls an abomination and if not repent of will send you to pits of hell where there is no exit So I will not become acceptance of the sin no way know how not happening PERIOD. Why Lord birth we do not scream again the sinner WE AGAPE LOVE the sinner as our Lord would do. We scream out against the sin as is a biblical requirement from our Lord to do so. So my approach will not be the normal response. I came out fully HATING the sin AGAPE LOVE the sinner. You can agree or disagree but where Lord plus Bible requires me to stand, so I must do (so) than. FOR EVERYONE DESERVES TO FEEL THEY ARE LOVED (AGAPE) THEY ARE SPECIAL THEY ARE PRAYED FOR This part of ministry has withstood the eye of the strong STANDING STRONG and also stood strong we HATE the sin scream against it even We do DELIVERANCE PRAYER to set those who have become captive to become set free delivered into the Lord’s army AMEN \0/The sin to be remembered no more made white as snow. This is called GRACE undeserved AMEN \0/ Since taking such a strong BIBLICAL stand as Lord requires me to This part for a while might just become Lord and I and I PRAY others will then join in, and we support one another in prayer love as we firmly stand on the Word of God for release of who ever is in bondage to become set free delivered into the Lord’s army AMEN\0/ Bathe wash me in prayer For this I say Thanks deeply appreciated Be Blessed