The bird ( I ) was set free from domestic violence of 16+yrs in 2003 to remarry to become cherished loved respected 16+yrs strong
When we are attached to a person, thing or emotion, I we are imprisoned as surely as if we have a ball and chain round our feet.
If you saw a bird trapped in a bramble bush, you would undoubtedly release it so that it could fly free. If you saw that same bird in a bush and realised it was trapped not by thorns but by its fear of flying, you would be surprised; you would certainly free it and try to persuade it to fly.
We are incredible, amazing beings trapped in the chains of repeating patterns, rigid mindsets and emotional beliefs. It is time now to free ourselves from mental and emotional chains so that we can ascend. Unlike the bird, we do not have to wait for someone else to free us. The keys lie within us.
Most of us are attached to our friends, lovers, families, homes, work and a million other things. While this is humanly understandable, nevertheless it keeps us anchored to a lower vibration.
“Awareness is freedom. The higher we go, the wider the overall picture we can see, and the greater the understanding we have.”
Diana Cooper