Jesus brought me out of homosexuality. There is no gay gene, and gays being born that way is only half true, as EVERYONE is born into sin and iniquity.Don’t let this world cheat you out of the free gift of salvation Christ died for.Jesus is the only love that’s true. unknown





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When I left the church at the age of 16, I didn’t know what was lying ahead in this journey called life. I remember thinking; life is going to be different that I was stepping into a new part of my life. The devil had painted a picture for me that I could have happiness and I could be free to do what I wanted. Before I knew it, I was trading freedom for bondage, I was trading peace for comfort in sin, and I was trading joy for sorrow. I was living a life that I thought at that time, was just “normal”. I remember the very first time I walked into a gay bar, it felt right, and it felt like the missing piece to this “happiness” that the devil painted. I started getting more involved. I volunteered my time to try to help people accept this lifestyle that so many are dealing with. From marching in gay pride parades, and being a part of committees /groups, to being a huge advocate for the LGBT community. I thought this is what I was meant to do. BUT God had other plans for my life. On September 30th 2018, almost 13 years later, I walked back into my home church where I grew up, Apostolic Lighthouse Church in Dayton, OH knowing that day was going to be different. A little over a month before September 30th, 2018, I had a dream and I could see myself shouting and worshipping in my home church. You see, the devil had me believing that God could not deliver, that I went too far in sin that God forgot about me. But little did the devil know, God’s plan for my life. During service, I started my way down the road to my redemption. I walked up to the altar and I remember lifting my hands and tears rolling down my face and feeling the Holy Ghost again! I remember feeling God so strong that I instantly felt deliverance, freedom, peace, and joy. I was baptized when I was 5, and on September 30th, 2018 I went down in the precious Name of Jesus once again! Don’t think God doesn’t deliver from homosexuality, because I am walking proof that God DOES deliver! No matter what you have done, what sin you have committed, God still LOVES you! The devil will make you believe that you have gone too far, but God’s mercy never runs out and Gods mercy endureth forever. Psalms 118:4 What the devil meant for evil God turned around and made good out of it. Genesis 50:20 I am very thankful that God died on the cross for ALL sins. He thought about you and me when he was hanging on that cross. He didn’t single any sin out, He didn’t say one sin is greater than the other, but he died for ALL sin! I am now a huge advocate for Jesus Christ! I am happy that God didn’t see my sin as being too great, but he saw a broken life, and He washed me in His blood, and purified my heart. Living he loved me, dying he saved me, buried he carried my sins far away, rising he justified freeing me forever. Thank you Jesus!! In your face devil! unknown