Up down all around day

Today another up down for me Controlling that mental monster While dealing with negative issues becomes a challenge For monster has zilch reason skills and I wish had some reasoning skills for sure but sadly does not plain truth there.

Husband graduation season work long hours and receives zilch gratitude from employment So Lord and I took husband out for lunch Invited a friend on the bus to join us, and we paid for his lunch In return friend ended up paying for our lunch. So guess call this a complete blessed circle hum ?

Then Good Will got this abstract of Jesus praying in the garden For no greater teacher than Jesus on how to pray hum ? Taught us how to pray by example and in the Word of God New Testament To teach all of us to pray as Jesus prayed if we choose to follow example That becomes up to us to decide to do or reject AMEN \0/

Than grocery shopping even though 1st of month blessed with good manger specials including 10 lb of birdseed for $2 for my bird feeder tree Over all ended up on positive note overall

PRAY PRAY RE-PRAY for monster to learn to reason skills AMEN\0/