*****Word from the Lord*****

I am so undeserving of this gift Chief of sinners Romans 3:23
Expecting the Unexpected
I heard, “Expect the unexpected.” Throughout the day it kept coming to mind. I pondered, “expect the unexpected.”
This morning, the phrase came up again.
The urban dictionary says, Expect the Unexpected is,
“A cutesy little phrase coined to imply that you can expect to be surprised.”
I’m out in the cold, on my knees praying for help. Asking God for deliverance. Everyone’s left and gone into a warm, comfortable place.
I’m hoping Jesus will come and do the unexpected.
I see Jesus wrap me in a warm blanket soaked in oil; its heavy, providing warmth. He carries me in his arms to our Father’s house’ sits me by a warm fire.
He sits quietly nearby not saying a word, he just sits with me.
I begin to weep, crying out complaints, my deepest concerns, things that bother me about this life. Impassioned as I share all that troubles me.
Jesus listens. He allows me to vent, even share the skewed views he doesn’t hold true. Yet, he lets me vent without judgement and frankly without concern. I empty myself of everything that bothers me.
Exhausted I sit by the fire wrapped in the warm blanket he unexpectedly provided.
Jesus leaves for a brief moment returning with a hot cup of tea. More weeping, his goodness overwhelms me.
It comes out, “Why don’t people believe you can still do miracles?”
Jesus snuggles and shares, reminding me of the paralytic at the pool of Bethesda, “He didn’t expect the unexpected.” He thought his healing would come from getting in that pool. People will always believe they have to do something to get something. They don’t believe I can surprise them with the unexpected. When I asked that man, do you want to be healed, he responded with something he had to do. I commanded his faith to be exercised and did the unexpected.”
My faith rises, unbelief diminishes. The cynical mentality fades, thoughts that God doesn’t do the unexpected are washed away by his words.
I see Jesus take my hand and place it on his heart. He asks, “What do you feel?”
I close my eyes, “I feel your heart beating.”
Jesus responds, “Go deeper, what do you feel?”
“Compassion, I feel compassion.”
Jesus pulls me close and whispers, “See, expect the unexpected.”
Jesus still does the unexpected in people’s lives. He’s the same yesterday, today and forever. He still moves mountains with mustard see faith, he opens blind eyes, deaf ears, and raises the dead on a daily basis.
Around the world Jesus Christ is moving by His Spirit doing the unexpected.
It’s my choice, it’s your choice to believe all things are possible. To expect the unexpected.
There will be disappointments, heartache and pain, but God still does the unexpected at an unexpected times.
Some where in the world, groceries are being provided for a family in need in the most unexpected way. Somewhere a someone is receiving their sight, another their hearing.
And somewhere someone is being raised from the dead this very minute.
At once the man was healed and took up his bed and walked. “Now that was unexpected.” unknown
Take time to read: John 5.1-9, Acts 3.16, Ezra 1.1-4, Hebrews 13.8. Mark 9.23-25, Exodus 34.6, Romans 15.5, 1 John 5.14, Jeremiah 29.12-13, Jeremiah 32.27, 1 Chronicles 16.11, John 16.13, Acts 10.15,34 and John 21.15-17 with new eyes