Dear lord Jesus
I open my heart
I invite you inside
To be my friend
To be my savior
To be my helper
To be my God.
Forgive me of my sin
Wash me clean.

From this day forward
I want to follow you
All the day of my life
I believe in you
And I put my trust in you.Amen

Jesus bled and died for all. Gay people and strait people. He said to repent or die. There is no forgiveness , without repentance. What I find interesting is that the picture has Jesus saying “I’ll forgive you” Why would we need to be forgiven if it’s Natural and not a sin ?

Not becoming acceptable to sin because of this reason
Hell is a place of unrelieved torment and horrible misery, a place of the blackest darkness, a place of fire… Today is the day of salvation. Believe in Jesus Christ and miss this horrible place.

This acceptance teaching being taught from the pulpit among Christians Is a lie from the pit of hell itself. For not repent of sin turn from the wickedness Receive salvation the Lord. Bible clearly teaches in black white consequences is hell will that receive you Where there is NO EXIT Wouldn’t it is better to teach the consequences here on earth When have time to repent turn from wickedness and receive the Lord salvation ? My ministry will continue to SAY YES and do AMEN \0/ Even with son now into the LGBT Transgender movement WE SCREAM OUT AGAINST THE SIN do not receive (except not) AGAPE LOVE THE SIN pray for deliverance to become set free YES MY SON WILL BECOME SET FREE accept nothing less AMEN\0/

satan not telling the world the consequences of the sin
So we must than PERIOD the consequences of the sin
where there is NO EXIT
Sadly includes my beloved son now