Peace or no Peace

Door open on June 12 with son closed June 13 I used it wisely even though my monster was acting up terribly on me than some . I did with AGAPE LOVE no hate within my heart was there and I know this for certain I did . So my son now has a choice that he and him alone must make a decision to choose satan hell the LGBT / Transgender lifestyle or to repent from and Lord would welcome back with open arms and say welcome back and to remember the sin no more be as white as snow Called undeserved GRACE . 

My prays of course never ever stop for my son my mom my mother in law all three determine to break split hell wide open on me . As Lord keeps door open so will I than .But now I can go on serving my Lord in GREAT PEACE and doing the calling Lord has laid upon my life to 100,000 plus and growing 

But as for me I am determine to here from my Lord well done faithful servant welcome home and I will hear AMEN \0/

So been one month up down all around adventure