In honor of pride month I’m celebrating 7 years free from living a LGBTQ lifestyle. I’m in love with Jesus and happier than I have ever been in the life I have now.

I was suicidal, broken and addicted to sex. That’s how I coped with my pain. I couch hopped and dropped out of school and had nothing going for me.

I turned to Jesus and He gave me a NEW life. I am a pastor now that travels the world with the message of freedom that is only found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I have an amazing girlfriend who is more attractive to me than any guy I’ve been with.

I never prayed the “gay” away or did any conversion therapy. I fell in love with Jesus and allowed His presence and word to transform my life.

People all the time say “If you like girls then you’ve never been gay.” That’s not truth. That’s not my truth either.
I’m thankful I didn’t allow society to force it’s opinion on my sexuality and that I trusted what Jesus said to me.

He uses the foolish things of the world to shame the wise.

I share my story for those who struggle with their sexuality and even after accepting a LGBTQ identity are wondering if there is more to life. Jesus took me as I was and gave me a NEW identity. Don’t give up on Him. If you still wonder if Jesus will receive you, He will. Turn to Him and He will teach you how to repent and carry the cross.

Jesus Christ is real and loves you. Gabriel Pagan

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