I Wrote This Testimony To My Old Friends When I Found Jesus And I Will Like To Share It With All Of You!
GOD BLESS YOU ALLl!!!!Never give up trusting in Jesus, Brothers and Sisters!He Is AMAZING!ALL THE GLORY TO GOD FOR EVER AND EVER!

My Testimony To My Friends:
Some of my friends know about the practices and inclination I had towards occultism/Satanism that began when I was 12 years old. At 13 I started listening to metal and two years later I started listening to black metal. I was drawn to the genre because it reflected my inner feelings, my hatred, and my belief systems. The beliefs led me to the music. For that reason I was more focused on the message over all because “music is the boat that carries the message.”
After living in chaos and darkness for many years I had a spiritual awakening in 2013.I decided to move in another direction, to investigate and question my beliefs; to be guided by my heart and allow light and truth into my life.– to fix my corrupted soul and change its self-destructive path.Gradually over this year I grew to the point of overcoming my association with Satanism after 10 years, cleansing myself of the poison I carried.
As many of you may know, that spiritual search led me into European paganism where I felt good and connected with my ancestors.I really started to feel some improvement but I always knew that my search for the truth was not finished. It was only the beginning and I was taking my first steps toward the light.I still had the kind of reflective moments when doubt and question about many things arose, even my most primitive hatred: my hatred of Christianity!
Some curious spiritual things happened to me and some kindly feelings about true Christians and Christianity arose(few times). But I was blind and did not want to see the truth. The Pagan path had changed my ideals and now I was seeking positive and honorable messages rather than self-destructive ones. I rejected the depressive messages of many bands. I started my own Pagan band (“Nastrond”, along with the side project “Nergal”) with the intention of sending different, more honorable messages and values, to the music. But the hatred was still there. I felt empty and many times I had negative ideas. Sometimes I heard a voice inside me, trying to guide me towards Christianity but I always refused to investigate it further. I just used to attack it with a closed mind to defend my Pagan beliefs and criticize Christianity without stopping to think if my theories were correct or not.
One day I started researching more deeply in spiritual messages and universal truths when I discovered that there’s only one truth and that’s when I followed the call of my soul.More spiritual events followed, especially after I took more steps on my new spiritual journey. I decided to seek answers to many questions in order to find out if I was right or wrong. Then…I woke up! This all occurred within and without any outside influence, as my family is mostly atheist.I discovered that the teachings of Christianity and our savior Jesus Christ were not to blame for the apostasy in the world, its the way the message is falsely delivered by the churches. Messages that drive people from God and toward anything promising “power” and “freedom.” There are so many misinterpreted messages that it’s shameful. Take, for instance, the idea of turning the other cheek: true Christianity just teaches us forgiveness and the importance of not being spiteful but if you or your family is physically threatened and one has to defend themselves…That’s not a sin.
You can find hatred and discrimination in many churches because they are focused on the old law rather than the love and freedom Jesus taught. I discovered many things. I truly discovered the existence of God when I finally opened my heart to Jesus, when I asked him to touch me with his holy spirit,when I accepted him as my savior. It was then I realized he was trying to reach my heart for all these years: the great internal transformation, the most beautiful experience of my life, that which proved the existence of God. An amazing peace, joy, and so many other wonderful feelings filled my heart. It was even more amazing because I discovered this on my own with no outside help(people).
Many might call me foolish or crazy, thinking “now Esteban will walk with a Bible under his arm everywhere, dress in a suit, live in the church and will stop listening to metal!” But they’re wrong. Going to church doesn’t automatically make a Christian, one can only be a Christian through their relationship with Jesus, only through studying scripture and reflecting the values taught. Dressing in a suit doesn’t reflect your soul so I will continue to dress the same way, maybe I’ll even get more tattoos(but with another message) and I WON’T stop listening to metal, just those band with philosophies (self-destructive or anti-Christian) I disagree with. There are many bands without that kind of negativity: For Today, Strongarm, Mortification, Horde, Antestor, etc. Essentially I’m still the same, but with a new heart and renewed spirit! Now my fight is against: The New World Order! The Great Whore of Babylon’s domain! The Roman Catholic Church and all the other churches that lie and lead their congregations to apostasy! Freemasonry!
I’m still a warrior but now I’m marching with God’s inspiration! Now begins my first major battle; I expect to be rejected by many of my old friends and by many others who won’t understand. They’ll turn their backs to me and attack me, spread rumors, but I will only say that they should look into their hearts before judging others.Be all of you blessed and welcomed, the ones who love me and the ones who hate me. But I will always be there to help, anyone can count on me. And to all of those who may have betrayed me: I forgive you all! Honestly. I will no longer fill my heart with hate because I am a new being with a renewed mind, renewed heart, and the ability to see my “enemies” as just regular people in need of spiritual help. God bless all of you and come be welcomed! unkown