Birthing ” Honey Bunny ” :0)

Through this massive storm My rock has been my Lord 47+years of serving Has been by right by my side Started soaring like an eagle right after storm hit For ministry was 150,000 + strong and sadly took a direct bullseye hit as well Nothing I could do for the 72hrs into storm all I could do was weep and Lord understood and allowed. Would be several plus days before I was soaring once again arising above the storm and soaring like an eagle Blog has the time line For Screaming in the darkness was birth in the eye of the storm.

Then my husband gave me bunny I now call “Honey Bunny” My husband (biblical)said this for you to comfort you when I am unable to be by your side To help you get through this massive storm you are facing What AGAPE LOVE hum I am blessed with ?

So now use “Honey Bunny”to encourage others Who have been in a domestic violence marriage Me 16+yrs set free in 2003 and my husband many years under belt of a domestic violence marriage Plus both of us also have abuse that goes from childhood into adulthood strong roots But both have been set free deliver over comer survivor of life storms been cherished loved respected 16+ yrs strong.

So now do monthly dates been doing 16+ yrs strong and yes Fast Food etc… counts Will be taking pictures coming into blog This is Positive uplifting coming being adding to blog Which surely we need to start offsetting negative for sure hum ?


Sadly neither one of us at this level but aiming for

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