Build HOPE areas + A GREAT IDEAL

Building a Scripture area go to Dollar Stores Thrift stores to get the picture frames Than go online to print scripture and of course unfinished Prayerfully come home Wednesday night from ladies Bible Study become completed ?????

Get my HOPE items from Thrift stores shopping

Leave it to God.
Give it to God.
Trust in God.
Pray to God.
Praise God.
Love God.
Thank God.

ATTENTION SASKTOON! We are calling FATHERS and MOTHERS and GRANDFATHERS and GRANDMOTHERS to join us this Saturday, June 22nd in Sasktoon during the pride parade. We are going to give FREE HUGS , the same way this article is describing. 
This is a way to show kindness. It is the way Jesus met people. He met them right where they were at. A loving hug may just turn a life around! 
“Beloved children, our love can’t be an abstract theory we only talk about, but a way of life demonstrated through our loving deeds.” (1 John 3:18TPT)
And just to confirm: we do not affirm a homosexual lifestyle, but we affirm that Jesus loves all people and He wants all to come to know Him.