Since needed rest one on one time with my Lord and husband was answered Lord did run the ministry and did a suburb job hum ?
Basically no major changes continue as doing Since online completely open keep doing as going building on the 100000 plus and growing and leave the offline door open and be willing to go if receive an opening that opens up and continue to forgive in the offline area To keep bitterness etc … away!
Just so happy the ministry right after the storm soar like an eagle and patiently waited for me to soar like an eagle now everyone soaring once again and arising above the storm Praying those snatched trapped by satan to become delivered set free into the Lord army (sadly includes my son)
Rebound recovery JUST WORK TOWARD do not PUSH will come
PRAY for widow mite $1 to start flowing in for the mission field
STOP DO————–
DONATE WIDOW MITE—> $1<— to the mission field