Normally do not do REPEAT PRAYER but since my grammar grade in F- zone this words it for me AMEN \0/
Nope my beloved son will become delivered out of the LGBT movement for I accept nothing less than deliverance
We must never cease to pray for our children until they cease to breathe. No case is hopeless while Jesus lives.-
Charles H. Spurgeon.
My heart desire prayer
If you are struggling with
Same sex attraction
Gender dysphoria
Sexual addiction
Self hatred
A lifestyle that contradicts your values: I love you & am praying for you. I would love to help you escape the lie of #Pride, & help you find joy, peace, dignity, chastity & humilty.
TEXT: LUKE 10:2, JOHN 4:34
Father, thank you for positioning me in a body of believer’s who are intentionally committed to saving the los, making a difference and discipling the bodyfrom the cradle to the grave.
Holy and gracious God, forgive me for getting frustrated when other believers appear to not embrace the opportunities to do outreach and/or evangelistic training. Give me and those around me the heart to be outreach focused and centered on soul winning.
Lord, forgive me for judging and viewing many believers as self-absorbed and self centered when it comes to outreach. Please stir your people’s hearts and open your people’s eyes to the need of reaching the lost.
Do it also in me with a greater faithfulness, compassion and determination.
I DECLARE a turnaround in me and in other believers. Send out workers for the harvest. I speak soul salvation and outreach opportunities to increase in and through those in the body Christ even in leadership .
I DECLARE that I will follow YOUR instructions and PRAY for laborers to go into the fields in unchartered regions and dimmly lighten territory in my community and abroad. I speak a new all consuming compassion for souls will burn in my heart , in those I am connected to, in the hearts of leaders and in every believer ‘s heart today. Send the harvesters and bring in the lost of every nation, kindred and tongue in our community and around the world in Jesus’ name. Amen