Bucking the system as needs to happen

After that drag queen lesson today I witness how much my Lord AGAPE loves the sinner and how much satan hates the sinner Sadly no where close to that type of AGAPE LOVE is within me or my ministry
Scream out against the sin AGAPE LOVE the sinner
By my PRAYER is to get to that level of Agape Love
AMEN \0/
This is the compromise acceptance movement which is of satan sending people to hell where there is no exit
THE ARGUMENT FOR SIN goes like this: God made you that way, He gave you those desires. God wants you to be happy. The only way to be happy is to embrace and celebrate the sin. Anyone who warns about sin is a hater, and doesn’t love you or want you to be happy… because Jesus loves you and wants you to live in sin and be happy. And if you’re born with those desires and it makes you happy, then how can it be sin? Besides, Jesus is merciful and doesn’t care if you sin. Pretty clever way to rationalize nearly anything, huh? That’s our world today… and sadly, we’re now seeing that message promoted even in some churches and by people who claim to be Christians.
I and my ministry trying to do biblical way set that example
SCREAMING out against the sin accepting it not PERIOD
AGAPE LOVE the sinner who is trapped by satan
Even with son into LGBT movement I can not or will not support the LGBT movement For refuse to support child abuse child trafficking they are EXTREME heavy into