You will rebound

I found out the day after Mother Day my beloved son went into the LGBT movement. Like those airplanes hit Twin Towers America had no warning I had no warning and can only imagine it hit extremely hard on a mommy heart For the 72 hours into the storm I wept non-stop and now I know there was cleansing washing tears that surely was needed. Be several plus days before I would soar arise above the storm like an eagle and used the ministry to help me recover rebound Than I be doing the ministry Lord and I once again. Not doing the acceptance compromise movement which is of satan Sending sadly many to hell where there is no exit But doing the Biblical way screaming out against the sin AGAPE LOVE the sinner who sadly been trapped by satan Praying for deliverance to come to become set free AMEN! I will have my up down in between moments still For no super duper whooper whooper Christian Romans 3:23 Christian who I am But will soar like an eagle above the storm with Lord by my side Doing the ministry the biblical way as set by the Lord to do AMEN \0/

A positive uplifting example to follow is Lord and I goal