No need to be a door mat

Sadly took me 16 + years to know I need not be in a domestic violence marriage set free in 2003 to remarry to become cherish loved respected 16 + yrs strong
Yes, I teach young people to work hard. Yes, I urge discipline and respect for authority. But we ought never confuse these virtues with the error of allowing others to willfully and habitually treat us as doormats. You have a God-given right (I would argue it is an obligation) to insist that others treat you with dignity and respect. If a boss or other person in authority is simply “using and abusing” you… if they constantly berate and speak to you worse than they treat a dog, if they don’t keep their word, if they aren’t honest enough to pay you a reasonable wage for the hard work you deliver, if they falsely and unfairly judge, accuse, blame, and talk about others… then my advice is to “make a new plan, Stan” and get out of that relationship. Now, don’t misunderstand what I’m saying. Even the best of those in authority sometimes have a bad moment. Plus, you ought to consider if you are truly working hard and doing all you should to earn the respect, the pay, etc. If a boss is simply criticizing because you aren’t doing the job, that’s a different story. But if you are doing your best and the guy is still being a perpetual jerk because that’s just who he is… well, life is too short. Don’t be a doormat. I’ve personally declined or left behind what seemed like “good opportunities” in life simply because others lied or wanted to treat me like a doormat. I love and respect myself enough… and think highly enough of my own skills and abilities… not to do business with those kinds of people. You should too. unknown