There sadly no easy button to use

Pray one for another Sadly my son now in this rebellion against God My son went public to the world Caused me to go public to the world So now the world on this journey with me 100000 plus strong and growing by leaps and bounds on me Have forgiving my son but can not lie which kept private for sure SO PRAY RE-PRAY AMEN \0/
My ministry and I have chosen not to use FAG or QUEER or LGBT names. Hope to SHOCK readers back into the reality that the militant homosexual “movement” (rebellion) is not some kind of path toward love, tolerance, etc. … it leads only to darkness Hell where there is no exit. Second, it is my way of PROTESTING the “politically correct jargon” that society now demands we all use to “embrace” the LGBTQ “movement.” Like Thomas Jefferson, I will speak my own mind and not bow to the gods of “political correctness.” Jefferson said, “I have sworn upon God’s altar eternal hostility to every form of tyranny over the mind of man.” The world’s demand that we all use “politically correct” to “embrace” the homosexual “movement” is yet another example of TYRANNY and an effort to control and manipulate the rest of us. I refuse to be part of satan manipulation, and I reject the militant homosexual crowd’s TYRANNY.