Sadly I know what could happen

Sadly I know where my son LGBT lifestyle taking my beloved son Straight to the pits of hell where there is no exit. This is what Biblical consequences of this sin is and throughout the OT and NT for all to read for themselves.Lord does not send no one to HELL we send ourselves to hell for many different reasons but boils up to SIN refusing to receive the gift Lord offers through the shed blood on the Cross of Calvary

So this acceptance compromise movement the world is in is of satan We need to moving to screaming out against the sin BE BOLD call it as Bible does an abomination Than AGAPE LOVE the sinner and pray re-pray they will become delivered set free Accept nothing less than this in your prayers as I am doing for my beloved son. In my prayers accepting nothing less than the deliverance for my beloved son and how I am praying in intercession spiritual war fare prayer For this LGBT is not a movement but a rebellion against God is demonic With this knowledge has increased my prayers made them stronger.

For in heaven we will be known as associates not titles as was here on earth For those of our love ones we will know not made it or not We will have no record of that in heaven just here on earth But the opposite of those in hell will know us by our titles here on earth So why so important to tell ALL who cross our pathway about our Lord Give them that seed to accept the Lord or reject is up to them not use. For Lord will hold us in EXTREME accountability for not telling them about our Lord To point could become a luke warm Christian and then become spewed into hell.

So let’s quit listening to lies of satan Get to praying for those satan has trapped snared to become delivered set free For no one to perish but have ever lasting life is our Lord earnest prayer and should be ours AMEN \0/

PRAY PRAY RE-PRAY for their deliverance
(Sadly add my beloved son to this list)

Lord is speaking directly to me and book marked here

Than trying to do a daily testimony MY SON TESTIMONY IS COMING



Shame on those who say serving the Lord but not serving the Lord Instead sending people to hell Your luke warm also equal hell remember says the Bible not I
Our men dress like women and sleep with each other, and we celebrate it with rainbows. We slaughter our babies in the womb, sell aborted baby organs, and spend our tax dollars to promote that as choice. Our politicians shake their fists in the face of God, speak blasphemy in their “debates,” and mock Jesus Christ and his body. People who once served Christ… who taught children about Him, brought their neighbors to church, and proclaimed His love, now cheer the evil around us. Meanwhile, churches say they are “tired of playing church,” but all they do is “play church”… gone is the burden for reaching the lost. We stumble around in this darkness like zombies (Isaiah 59) and shun the light.unknown

If anyone has material possessions and sees a brother or sister in need but has no pity on them, how can the love of God be in that person? 1 John 3:17