Coming against being falsely accused

LIE I HAVE NOT OR WILL NOT REJECT MY BELOVED SON Let’s get this completely straight once and for all I say
We have a RIGHT to scream out against the sin
Also I am AGAPE love my son Read for your self I say
If your child murdered someone would you accept the sin or
want them to receive the consequences they deserve but
also even though can not accept the sin you will still love
them ? Even though we can not receive the sin LGBT we
do not hate our child just the sin But we AGAPE LOVE our
child the sinner AMEN \0/
Yes we believe in hugathon at Pride events We love this ideal and are deeply appreciated for those doing this ministry
I am intercessory prayer warrior for deliverance of my son
I forgive those but prayerfully never have to walk these shoes Than be force for the world to go on the journey with you As I am now doing But Lord and I plus many intercessory prayer warriors Are doing this storm With yes screaming out against the sin BOLDLY AGAPE LOVE the sinner praying for deliverance AMEN \0/
I’ve looked down my son pants changed those diapers it’s a boy
Whom I choose to call Jeffery Jeff for short