I choose

I don’t follow denominations.
I don’t follow movements.
I don’t follow labeled movements.
I don’t follow people. I don’t follow trends.
I don’t follow movies.
I follow the Word and Jesus IS the Word,
and I yield to His Holy Spirit to do what He’s called ME to.
One of many reasons I take the biblical way to handle this sin
HOMOSEXUAL RELATIONSHIP is a moral issue, that’s the reason why we appeal to Scripture as the highest authority on the subject. Other supports must be secondary to this.
My reasoning is simple.
We will all face God in the Final Judgment (even those who do not believe in God).
We are NOT going to stand before the government, before religious leaders, before politicians, etc. We are going to stand before God and God alone. (ROMANS 14:10)
Is it not reasonable, therefore, to base our life on what He says rather than on what we or other people say?
We cannot hide behind the following excuses:
“Lord, I was taught that homosexuality is okay with you.”
“Lord, you created me this way according to my feelings.”
“Lord, the government legalized homosexuality, I thought it was okay.”
“Lord, our church supported my homosexual lifestyle.”
“Lord, our pastor blessed my homosexual marriage.”
“Lord, all I did was love…”
None of these, and others like these, can protect you on the Day of Judgment.
Let me leave you with a verse upon which to ponder.
John 12:48
“There is a judge for the one who rejects me and does not accept my words; the very words I have spoken will condemn them at the last day.”
( For all will meet the Great Judge face to face Where no excuses become accepted )
So will I AMEN \0/