I grew up in the church and knowing God for myself! My parents taught me right from wrong! Never told me about sex! I was molested at an early age. Never told anyone for along time and some I’m just telling now! I didn’t know what molestation was until I got older and was like dang that happened to me! Never really thinking how I was created because sex talk never came up in our house! For along time I thought everyone of my friends had parents that was Married and lived with them. But growing up going to middle school I discovered myself the talk amongst the fellas in school was have you got some yet! I was like yeah! Knowing I haven’t lol (trying not to get clowned) Boy the things you say to be cool!! Smh!!! So then I started looking at girls to be pretty but at the same time discovering myself to myself! But at the same time my grades started falling. Remind you K-4th grade honor roll student! 5th – 8th I’m discovering myself wasn’t able to play no middle school football cause of grades! Still haven’t got any yet!! 9th grade I was able to play football but was rebellious against my Parents but still going to church listening but still focused on not getting any yet!! I wanted so bad to get me some as the fellas called it!! I turned to drugs (weed) never had a problem finding it cause my bro was the dope man. Rip God bless his soul!! He looked out for me and my friends!!I Thought that was cool and it would help me get some as the fellas called it!! End of 9th grade my grades fell again! Now I’m ineligible to play my 10th grade year still haven’t got any yet!! My focus was no longer on God, my Parents, School or Football my focus was trying get me some as the fellas called it!! 10th grade we move different school so now I’m really not trying to be clowned and I got a job!! Now I really trying to impress the fellas and get some from a girl. My focus far from God and obeying my parents and school. To focusing more on turning up and trying to get me some!! Now I done learned in church that a man is supposed to have a wife and then have children! Ok that’s cool but the last 5 or 6 years I been focusing on getting me some and dang show ain’t trying to wait til I get married to get me some. I can’t possibly keep lying to my friends saying yeah I got some before and Never got some! Now I’m still discovering myself and wasted all this time lying getting high to get me some only to find out I got to get Married to get me some!! Oh gosh I’m furious now!! I even ran away from home for 2 week cause I didn’t wanna go to church, didn’t want to go to school, I did go pick up my pay check tho. Because I needed that! But the sad part about that is i brought pain to the ones who loved me the most! The ones that kept food our tables. The ones who kept on roof over my head! The ones who worked hard for everything we had. Including taking us on vacations every year but that was the ones I hurt the most by trying to please some so called friends that I barely even talk to this day or try to get me some or get high!! The tears my mother cried when she didn’t know where I was at all for temporarily good time and to get me some!! I went back home got my grades right so I could play football my last year by that time I was 18 and had no more years of eligibility but was so far behind on credits I still wasn’t going to graduate on time. I think I started 1 game but played in 5 didn’t get to play the last 2 games of the season because I failed a drug test! Broke my heart! But not only did I break my heart I broke the heart of the ones who cares for me the most! That year I finally got me some but it was nothing like I imagined it be!! Going against God’s I disobeyed him. Leaning on my own understanding and not following God cost me an opportunity of a lifetime! By that time I didn’t want to hear nothing about God I wanted to continue to get me some because now it was starting to feel good to me! I’ll be the first to tell you everything that feels good or looks good is good for you!! Fast foward to 21 years of age Manager of Papa John’s where I met my son’s Mother. She was talking to someone at the time but I just had to have her! She invited me over and went on until I moved in eventually! I did even act right once I got her. Texting other woman!! Having 3somes! Still continuing to disobey God when I know that a man shall not lay down with a woman unless it is his wife! Had a baby out of wed lock and all! Long story short I was getting some then but every holiday we fought! Disobeying God is a dangerous thing to play with! Even cost me to go jail cost me court fines after court fines suspended license after suspended license and we still manage to still come back together until another holiday argument! Not even going to say we are bad people but the disobedience to God brought out evil spirits! I even left my manager job cause they laid her off. She is an Amazing mother but evil spirits caused us to fight and argue. By being disobedient i was stabbed multiple times our last fight! The reason for this message is to encourage my young males! Be a man marry that young lady if you want to sleep with her but make you learn her before you just want to get you some! Build with her so that your children will see you love their mother correctly!! I wish I could change the way I did things but it was a costly lesson learned! Life will throw you so many distractions! Make you think that something that looks good is only useable for getting some. Because if a lady is right for you and truly love you she will wait until yall are married to let you get some! Man and Women are not put on this earth for that reason only but are put on this earth to help each other raise our children the correct way under God! When you get married it’s an oath under God for better or for worse! Not just to be saying I got me some from her let me get some from another cause I got her already!! If you want somebody ask God to send you somebody! I now know that I would rather be single for the rest of my life and hold on to God if I got to go thru another 17 years of that! She will be more than a I’ma just get me some kinda woman!! No Capping!Drinking, Drugs,trying to please others and and trying to get me some nearly took my life!! But it was God’s Grace! It was God’s Grace! I made it thus far by the Grace of God!! I thank him every morning just for being alive!! If it wasn’t for my trials and tribulation and my Parents making me go to church. And getting the word of God at an early age. I wouldn’t have known who to depend on when times get hard! Seek him first and all other things shall be add!! I wouldn’t be here right now 4 months clean of drinking and drugs!! God had me go thru all of that just so he open my eyes!! Nobody but God can turn a bad situation in turn it into a praise of his glory!! I didn’t nothing on my own!! To God Be The Glory! He is so worthy!Peace Love and Blessings to you and yours on this Great Night!! Stan Hurt