Word from the Lord

I was in communion with the Lord, when I heard Father say to my heart, and this is for all of us, His precious children, “Whenever I hear your cry, I RUSH to your aid.”
Now, to be honest, I didn’t immediately get excited at this Word or allow it to sink into me that instant. I was conscious that I was struggling to accept it as truth because…well…sometimes it does feel like He isn’t RUSHING to help me.
You know, like the sisters of Lazarus waiting for Jesus to come heal their brother, His friend? And then He didn’t go immediately. You may remember how honest Martha was about this. She felt He didn’t RUSH to help them.
That if He had come sooner, things wouldn’t have escalated to that level. Lazarus was now dead. Buried. Smelling. They were in the grieving process now, trying to heal from the painful loss.
And that’s how I felt, when He said to me, “Whenever I hear your cry, I RUSH to your aid.” And I said, “Daddy, sometimes it doesn’t feel like it.”
He said to me, ever so patiently as He always is with all of us, “I know it doesn’t, in human persepective, especially because you dont always see the full picture. You see what’s happening in the natural, but don’t always see behind the scenes.”
Then suddenly I saw this picture of a little baby in a crib, and the baby began to cry. I saw that the mother was in a room upstairs, and the moment she heard the first sound of her baby crying, she literally RUSHED downstairs to attend to him.
And Daddy said to me, “I placed parental instincts in human beings. Do you think I am less parental than you?” My heart began to open up and my faith began to rise.
I began to worship Him, “Daddy, You are not less parental than human beings. You are way more parental. Exceedingly, overwhelmingly, more that I can even begin to imagine. I believe that the moment You hear my cry, You RUSH to help me.
Then He opened my eyes in that moment to understand Isaiah 65:24, “I will answer them before they even call to Me. While they are still talking about their needs, I will go ahead and answer them.”
Suddenly, I felt and knew the urgency in His Voice and Heart contained in this scripture. I saw that He is speaking here as a parent, and expressing how high a priority the cry of His children is to Him.
And Daddy wants you to know right now that He responds faster to your cry than the most caring parent on the planet would. Daniel 10:12 says, “Don’t be afraid, Daniel. Since the first day you began to pray for understanding and to humble yourself before your God, your request has been heard in heaven. I have come in answer to your prayer.
I feel my confidence soaring. I hope yours is too. You may not have received the answer yet, but in the words of Jesus, we must always pray and never give up! He hears you! He RUSHES to help you.
Now, it may not seem like He is even hearing you right now, but do not give up.
The answer is coming!