Its a choice

Sadly as the world now knows my beloved son is choosing unwise Has suppressed now finally releasing  but releasing of satan not of the Lord Prayerfully reverse soon AMEN\0/

See started sadly with a mustard seed of abuse that was suppressed not released forgiven To the level we now have today of the LGBT rebellion against God = hell where no exit
How did they expand the movement? Why are young impressionable minds being conditioned to advocate and participate in a lifestyle based off a sexual preference that is suppose to be between two consenting adults of the same gender? Why are young boys being encouraged to dress and behave in the same flamboyant manner as adult gay men? Why does this community have such a desire to normalize their sexuality to children? Why are children attending and being exploited at events where homosexuals commonly engage in sexually explicit behavior? Why is the community so engulfed in advocating their lifestyle and sexuality in children’s books, education and entertainment? Could there be a connection to the fact that in a study of 229 convicted child molesters of male children, 86% of them described themselves as homosexual or bisexual? That 81% of sexual abuse cases on young boys are by homosexual males? That homosexual pedophiles commit 1 third of the total number of sex offenses against children? That homosexual offenses against children are 16 times the rate of the normal population? That 74% of bisexuals were sexually abused as children? Quite frequently there’s a connection to childhood sexual abuse and adult homosexuality. The more victims, the more advocates for the LGBTQ community they can aquire and create. Do you get it now?
I choose not to suppress my abuse become a survivor overcomer 47 + yrs strong in the Lord army I am bound to glory land AMEN \0/