I DO NOT HATE MY SON hate the sin that trapped my son

rebellion but I hate the sin that has trapped my son
If one’s family member commits murder, they are still one’s family member and still loved … but the family ought not celebrate and encourage the murder.
If one’s family member has a drug or alcohol addition, they are still one’s family member and still loved … but the family ought not celebrate and enable the addiction.
If one’s family member is sleeping with his neighbor’s wife, he is still a family member and still loved … but the family ought not celebrate and toast the adultery.
If one’s family member is a glutton and headed for an appearance on 600-lb life, the family member is part of the family and loved … but the family ought not celebrate and take the glutton out to the dessert bar at Golden Corral.
If one’s family member robs a bank, he is still part of the family and still loved … but the family ought not celebrate the robbery and host a party to help spend the stolen money.
If one’s family member becomes pregnant outside of marriage, the family member is still loved … but the family ought not help plan an abortion and celebrate as “choice” the slaughter of the baby.
If one’s family member openly practices any other form of sin, including ABCDEFLGBTQ sexual immorality, he or she is still a family member and still loved … but the family ought not fly the rainbow flag and celebrate and encourage the sin.
ENVY, ANGER, SEX, AND PIGGING OUT: Why is it a sin to envy your neighbor’s house? To have outbursts of unbridled anger? To gorge at the food buffet? Or to hop in the sack with a same-sex partner? The short answer is, “because God is the boss, and He makes the rules.”
“But” (Satan’s and our favorite word)… all of these can be perfectly NATURAL desires of the human bodies God created and gave to us. “Why” (our second favorite word, when we are looking to justify ourselves) would it be SIN to do what comes naturally? What kind of deity creates a body and then labels as SIN the behaviors which come naturally for that flesh? Doesn’t that make the God that we preach seem “not very nice,” some ask?
Aside from the fact that God is the boss, there’s a simple, common sense answer to our “why” question. We just don’t want to apply basic logic or common sense when it comes to admitting our faults and accepting responsibility for our actions.
Assume that a parent gives a teenager a really sweet car for their 16th birthday… maybe a Camaro or a Mustang. The dad hands the keys to the teen, but then issues a set of rules… be home by midnight, don’t speed, wear your seatbelt, etc.
Is the parent “not very nice” for issuing the rules? “Why” give your kid such a cool ride and then issue a bunch of rules? “BUT” the speedometer goes to 140mph dad, why do I have to keep it under 70?
Envy, anger, gluttony, sexual immorality, and other sins lead to heartache and problems… and ultimately death. Sins hinder our ability to do what God created us to do and to be all that God wants us to be (conformed to His image and to the image of His dear Son). And sometimes, as we often see with the sin of homosexuality, the sin even leads to an attitude of OPEN REBELLION toward God… we want our own way so badly… because we perceive or someone tells us to “just be happy and be yourself”… that we openly declare that we “don’t want to worship a God that doesn’t want to let me have my own way and do what I want to do.” Like the rebellious teen with the Mustang, we are no longer grateful for the sweet and precious gift of LIFE and the other good things the parents give. We insist on behaviors that eventually DESTROY these gifts, and destroy us… because Satan deceives us into believing that God is “mean” or “arbitrary” or “not very nice” in giving us rules.
And we decide that we’ll just become our own “god” and make our own rules.
And we’re cheered on by false “FRIENDS” who encourage us to “do whatever makes you happy, and ignore the haters”… Satan’s little Jezebel minions who encourage us to remain in sin… because they don’t really love or care about us, they just want to feel better about their own sin by having lots of company.
Have a good Saturday… and try to look at SIN from God’s perspective. We have a wonderful Heavenly Father who loves us and gives us good gifts… He wants us to enjoy those gifts in a way that is good for us and doesn’t lead to death, destruction, and bondage to the god of this world (Lucifer). unknown
We can respond Biblical in love that is not hate https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=569026753627011
and must do so Compromise acceptance is of satan not of the Lord Sending many to hell where no exit