Word from Baby eagle

Let’s listen to them I say for their voice is important
Coming from directly a baby eagle unknown
I need serious prayers because I am tired of people posting scriptures to other Sisters and brothers. They already know them. How about being a witness. Tell someone who you forgave, what God delivered you from, how through the scriptures or a Christian friends help you were able to stop hating, stop being hurt or angry, or addicted. Be a witness for people like me, be a light. Isn’t that scripture. When people are tired, they need people that know how to live the word not repeat the word. I’m sick and tired of being alone when trouble comes. Please don’t post comments to this post, just think about this some one needs you today. Take time to take notice. Again, stop preaching to everybody, we already know, actions speak.
The enemy wanted you to give up, but God said “Not So, I Have Another Plan For Your Life.” You are a Survivor, You are an Over Comer, and God has Already Given You the Victory! ~Stay Encouraged~