Reminder to keep us on track

Jesus died for everyone! He died for that adulterer.

He died for that homosexual. He died for that idolater.

He died for that liar. He died for that murderer.

He died for that prostitute. He died for that thief.

He died for that alcoholic. Jesus died for us all!

Who is a God, kind as you Who is a God, loving as you

Who is a God, helpful as you Who is a God, healing as you

Who is a God, graceful as you Who is a God, forgiving as you

Who is a God, awesome as you Father Jesus HolySpirit One God

Jesus Christ died for the: Arrogant Prideful Contentious Deceitful & Dishonouring He can make YOU whole…Trust in Him~ ❤ John 3:15-17


Do not seek the world.
Seek Peace
Seek Truth
Seek Love
Seek Christ

The 7 Keys to Life-

1. GOD first
2. Love one another
3. Never hate
4. Give generously
5. Live simply
6. Forgive quickly
7. Be kind always