Word from the Lord

The intercessory PRAYER WARRIORS are weeping in tears
People say that Christ doesn’t care, He doesn’t hear or see what’s going on in their lives. Did you forget that the Bible say’s He is the man of sorrows? Do you not remember that He wept over the pain of those who loved Him? Rest on Him, for the very tears you shed are shed by Him. The pain in your heart is in His heart. But imagine, the pain and heart ache you feel over circumstances in your own life and the pain you see others go through, is amplified to the millionth power in Christ. In His sorrow, He makes the weak strong. The pain He feels over a world that has turned against Him, He still shows mercy. He places Himself on this world and weeps, and calls to all to come to Him, yet, they still reject Him and question why He doesn’t do anything. The state of this world is why people say Christ does not exist, but it is His followers who are suppose to express the love of the Savior so the world will know that the Father sent His only Son to die for the sins of the world. Christ reaches to a blind generation who does not recognize that the very Christ they reject or say is dead, is the very one that is calling to them. Imagine the pain that is in the heart of the Savior. Imagine the sorrow He feels everyday when He looks at a world that He barely recognizes anymore. It is so far from what He created in the beginning. We were suppose to be with Him, walk with Him, and commune with Him. Despite the sinful nature implanted, He made a way for us to come back to Him. Christ is that way, the only way, and it is peace and joy that is found in Him. He is soon to return, and I will say, come quickly Lord Jesus, but until He returns and I finally can fall to feet of my Savior and see the scars that rescued me from death, I will serve Him. Do you make complaints against the one you think is cruel, or do you trust in Him who is forever for you? Trust in Christ Jesus the Lord, for He is indeed for you and not against you.