The Widow Mite

Christian Hedonism is a great term… it describes the Gospel preached by Joel Osteen, Bennie Hinn and ten thousand more… I have called it “Believer Centric”, saying that they are preaching that God exists to make men happy… The real gospel is Cristo-centric. We exist to glorify God and make him happy. The Christian Hedonists (I love that term) preach Health, Happiness and Wealth now, but those who buy into their message, end up in Hell later. Joel Osteen teaches “Your Best Life Now”. If you follow him, this will be your best life because Hell follows..
3cTell me again can need give a widow mite $1 ?
Seldom happens I HOP stack of pancakes $.58 and here comes the children marching in for their pancakes . Lord says your buying pancakes to show the power of the widow mite offering $1 and all was UNPLANNED but planned by God Stretch that widow mite ? Many became blessed AMEN \0/
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