Word from the Lord

I PRAY once this PURE EVIL exposed awaken my son back to the Lord and so many others back to the Lord The enemy snatched trapped Become deliver set free AMEN \0/
Released Encouragement Thought To Remember:
God can change hearts, heal the sick, restore finances, and rekindle a marriage, etc..…. , and not only that did you know that God fed five thousand with two fish and five loaves of bread, walked on water, and can do anything else He wants to do. I say all that to say, that nothing is Impossible with God. SO don’t look at your situation and think or say “This is impossible”. It may seem impossible to “man”, but with God ALL things are possible. Your situation will turn into your greatest miracle. God will work it out for your good and you will have a testimony that encourages others. Just know that with God All things are Possible (Matthew 19:26). ~Stay Encouraged~
You are loved by the Creator of the entire universe. You are loved by a God that has risen the dead. You are loved by a God who has defeated death, who takes away our sin. God loves YOU. Cast all your cares onto Him because He cares about you: 1 Peter5 : 7. He loves You! He sees every tear that You cry. He really loves YOU so, so much.