Word from the Lord

My precious,
I cannot possibly overemphasize the importance of your being able to discern My direction moment by moment.
Can you imagine what would have happened if Abraham had not discerned My Voice stopping him from sacrificing Isaac? What if he had said, “But before I came here, I heard God say I was to sacrifice him,” and then decided to ignore the “STOP” and killed Isaac?
Hearing my Voice does not only entail receiving My instructions, but also remaining one with My Heart so you flow with Me and follow My leading moment by moment.
My instructions to you are not static rules but ongoing conversations, precept upon precept, and remaining one with My Heart enables us to continue moving together into all I have for you.
When this is lacking, you may end up stuck and stagnated, as a result of living this season according to yesterday’s leading. Even a farmer knows when it is time to stop ploughing and start planting, and when to start harvesting. And nature knows how to respond when seasons change.
It requires sensitivity in My Spirit to know what I am doing NOW and cooperate with Me to see My supernatural results.
Ask, and I will give you such clarity in discernment and hearing My Voice, but most of all, I will draw you into sweet, perfect oneness with My Heart, so you are continually in step with My Spirit concerning your life and all that concerns you.
You’ll be able to know when to start and stop something or when not to do it at all. This is not a simple thing. It is deep wisdom that can save your very life and the lives of those around you.
I desire and take delight in leading you. Acknowledge Me in all your ways. Involve Me. Listen to Me. For there is way that’s seems to a man as right, but it leads to death and destruction.
Your Daddy who is jealous over you,