Word from the Lord

My Precious One,
Love does not keep record of wrongs. Whenever you confess and repent of your sins before My Mercy Seat, I forgive you, cleanse you from all unrighteousness and remember your sins no more.
I take them far away from you – as far as the East is from the West. Your slate is wiped completely clean. I give you new, fresh, white, spotless garments. It is just as if you never sinned.
As you continue to know the depths of My mercies towards you and show mercy to others, I continue to show you mercy and do not treat you as your sins deserve.
But Love keeps a record of every good work, dilligent pursuit of My Heart, trouble, affliction, sacrifice and selfless, painful giving that it may be rewarded in due time.
I AM Love.
I have set a day for your remembrance. In that day, I will repay you double for your trouble, and cause you to return rejoicing with the harvest from where you sowed in tears. In that day, I will release justice and vindication for your sake and show Myself strong on your behalf.
I notice your giving, generous, selfless heart. I notice your hunger and longing for Me and how hard you come after Me. I notice how much I am on your mind. I notice. And I keep record.
I keep a record also, of your tears. Of every time you have been mishandled, mistreated and trampled on. Of every pain and heartache you have endured. I notice. And I keep record.
I notice every time you speak of Me and share Me with others. As I record these things, My Heart lights up and dances within Me. My eyes shine with pleasure and delight.
I am not unjust. You will be remembered, repaid in double and rewarded with a bountiful harvest. This is how your story will end. It’s not over yet!
Your Daddy,