Enough is enough I say

Frankly, while I’m no saint, I deserve better treatment than to have family or supposed “friends” label me a “hater” or “racist” or “white supremacist” just because I voted for Trump, or refuse to be silent about Bernie, or speak out about homosexuality (which God calls “an abomination” … is God a hater or a David Duke? On down that negative line That where the haters are Let’s remember )
Things I have been called
1. Racist
2. Delusional
3. Homophobic
4. Hater
5. Ignorant
All because I say I’m a Christ Follower. No worries though because I count it as a badge of honor to know Jesus also went through these things. I will keep proclaiming the Gospel!
Yes sadly my beloved son is into the LGBT rebellion been trapped
Praying for deliverance AMEN \0/