Word from the Lord

I declare to you in the name of Jesus Christ, the Lord arises and goes forth as the Mighty Warrior, to deal with the root, the cause and the core of long standing struggles and battles in your life. I decree OVERHAUL! I decree a turning over of every situation and a turning around in your favor. I decree major shifts upon shifts! Things will not remain the same! Your Deliverer is on the move as a Majestic Lion! Can you hear His ROAR??! I decree mighty deliverance and salvation in your family! Even long standing, debilitating, stubborn health conditions are being healed! You are blessed! Whoso God has blessed, no one can curse!
The Lord says, “Behold, I will bring Myself great glory by the mighty works of deliverance I will work on your behalf! I know you have been feeling weak and helpless, like a victim at the mercy of enemies stronger than you. But now, in My Strength, ARISE! Join Me in My Roar against the enemy of your destiny and your home! Resist him, for I have made you a promise that cannot fail, that when you resist the enemy, he WILL flee from you, scattered in every direction! Arise!”
I see closed doors opening. These doors have been shut for so long. Some are intimacy with God, relationship doors, dead dreams, financial breakthrough and deadhopes and yearnings. I see God flinging the doors open, and now I decree that it happening for you. I decree that it is time for you to enjoy OPEN DOORS than no one can close. I decree that you are of those who knock and the doors are opened for you. I decree that great and effective doors, double doors, magnificent doors, international doors of favor and blessing are open for you. I release the Sound of Heaven now, the Sound of OPEN DOORS for you NOW! Let doors open on their own accord as you approach them! DOORS, OPEN!! In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth!