Word from the Lord

I am flooding your entire being, spirit, soul and body, your relationships, your decisions, your plans, every aspect of your life, your past, present and future with Truth and Light, exposing every lie, darkness and every area where you have been brought into bondage as a result of the lies of the enemy. You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free. The Spirit of Truth is rising up within you, and you shall be free indeed. The yoke that held you in chains, placed on you by the father of lies is breaking off you. You will know true freedom. And concerning every area in which the enemy stole, killed and destroyed in your life while you lay in bondage, you will enjoy 7 fold restoration. I will repay you double for your trouble. Yea, even the time you lost will be restored. Remain in My Truth and meditate on My Word. My Word is Truth. Remain in My Spirit. My Spirit is Truth.
The One eternally committed to you,
Jesus Christ.