Word from the Lord

My Beloved,
People you allowed very close to your heart have stabbed it so repeatedly that you feel you no longer know what friendship or true love really is.
The level of mistrust you are feeling towards people is palpable. You can’t even hide it. You’ve even said it to a few people and you are suspicious of anyone who seems interested in coming close to you.
I am now redefining friendship and true love for you. I need you to lay your heart before Me. You see, the enemy has found room within it and has sown seeds of bitterness and if we do not deal with it now, your whole system will be defiled. Bitterness also causes the body to become sick.
Allow Me, My Beloved. Allow My Loving Hand reach deep into the very core and root of the bitterness you’ve held against them. Let Me heal you. I know how deeply hurt you are. Every time you see them, the pain is as fresh as the day they wounded you.
I can heal you. I want to heal you. And now, today, is the hour of your healing. Come and lay your heart in My hands.
Your Love,
Jesus Christ.