My Space

You live your life in the space that you create.
Nobody else owns it.
Nothing else controls it.
It is yours. It exists
in tandem with the space
of others.
But it is yours.
You are free to move
or not.
Nothing stands in your way, unless
you elect it so.
(And then it’s usually
for some entertainment purpose. One
of the hazards possibly of being
It is: As high and wide
as broad and deep, as
filled with light or darkness
as rife with danger or with
sparkling opportunity
as you make it.
And you make it
simply by deciding that it is there.
Before that, it was naught.
After that, it is.
(Too easy, right?)
Light or darkness
mass or absence
matter not.
Up to you.
No one can interfere with it
unless you allow it. Which
you might, from time to time
and perhaps forget that you have;
just for the entertainment value of this.
The: “What!?!? How the hell!!!?…”
of it.
Entertainment. See?
But it is still your space.
And it interacts with
the space of others only
as you decide.
You don’t have to believe it.
That’s entertainment, too.
Your choice.
You create your life
in your own space.
Nobody owns it.
Nothing controls it
Except you.
And in your own space
nothing stands
in your way.