Son Birthday Month ( PRAY )

As the world now knows the day after Mother’s Day The LGBT rebellion would hit home base with my beloved son. Oh, those tears I wept as I received this horrible news But I was determined to rise above the storm and soar like an eagle Feel like I have and am I doing just that By the grace of my Lord Who is walking with me through this storm. Sadly there is no communication between son and I for I can not call him my beloved daughter For Lord blessed me with a beloved son whom I love and bathe wash in prayer for deliverance. Was a Turkey Thanksgiving baby So the month of November is my beloved son Birthday month. So be a EXTREME difficult month for me since especially there is no communication between us. But blessed 47+ yrs in the Lord army wonderful husband offline / online fellowship To help me get through the month of November.

Let’s continue to PRAY over the word received these beloved prodigal children come home back to the Lord AMEN \0/