Word from the Lord

My Love,
One of the highest costs you will pay for intimacy with Me is time. You must lay down more and more of your time to tarry before Me, to wait for Me and on Me, unhurriedly and without any other agenda except to be made one with Me and engage that union.
Intimacy is not rushed. You do not open up your deepest secrets to surface level, causal visitors. You must not only be ready to pay the price of Time with Me, but also be willing and ready to lay down anything that hinders you from DWELLING in My Presence.
You can no longer be in and out. You must now, ABIDE in and with Me in the Secret Place, CONTINUALLY. You cannot rush in and out of encounters with Me. I must become your One Thing. You must be ready to sacrifice anything to be with Me.
My friendship and intimacy must mean more to you than anything else, even food and people around you. Come now, I desire you. Come and sit at My feet and drink from My cup. Come and feed from My Hand.
Come and rest in My arms and just be. Then, My Life will overwhelm and take over you, and and you will bear Me fruit, much fruit, and fruit that endures, forever.
Your Beloved,
Jesus Christ.