Pray for Prodigal Children

All we can do is bathe wash the prodigal children in prayer
My beloved son is a prodigal child deep into the LGBT rebellion

You can be a good friend, a wise counselor, a loving pastor, a caring teacher, a great philanthropist, or a best-selling “how to” author … but for those people don’t care or want to listen or help themselves, it doesn’t matter. That’s the nature of free will … God gives each person the power to choose blessings or curses, life or death, wealth or poverty, joy or sorrow. When the Lord himself came to earth, in the flesh, to dwell among us, He did not fill every belly, heal every person with disease, shelter every homeless person, and bless every home with happiness and prosperity. Some did not want to hear what Jesus had to say. Some listened for awhile and then walked away, back to their sad and ruined existence. God can put man in a lush paradise filled with every good thing imaginable, and some will stubbornly bow their necks, pack their bags, and leave the good stuff behind. The Lord can offer to welcome the prodigals home with open arms, beautiful robes, and bountiful feasts … but some are determined, with stubborn pride, to live in the pig muck. All of the “government programs,” big spending, and “free stuff” on the planet will never solve or remedy the basic human ailments … hearts full of pride, heads full of arrogance, and haughty spirits full of self-determination.