Word from the Lord

My Love,
I desire you to learn how to overcome every evil that comes against you by the power of My Love that works within you. When you feel people do not care about you, that is the power of darkness coming against you. You overcome it by caring about them.
The truth is, the people who show you the greatest indifference, coldness, harshness and hatred are the ones who are in greatest need of love and care themselves.
In truth, their attitudes are an expression of need and a cry for help. If you’ll agree to die to self and focus on them, you will cause them to either receive a spiritual impartation of concern for you, or I will raise up help for you in a different direction.
If they are close enough to you relationally, prayerfully find ways to express care and concern to them. Continually find ways to help and support them without expecting anything from them in return. When you do this, you are walking in the light and this light conquers the darkness that was resisting you.
If you are not able to access them relationally, but still their words, actions or failure to speak or act in a certain way has left you feeling neglected and not cared for, still overcome this horde of darkness by making sure you spend time everyday, praying specifically for them.
Intercede for them from your heart. Allow My burden, concern and care for them to flow into and through your heart to them through prayer. This frequency of love and care will destroy any cold, uncaring atmosphere the enemy would have wanted to cast upon you through your experiences with them.
In this way, whether they do change their attitudes or not and many times they will because of your prayers, you will not be hindered from enjoying the fullness of My goodness and the pleasures in My Presence. Nothing will stumble or block you! Your heart will heal quickly from every wound inflicted upon it.
Your Beloved,
Jesus Christ.