Word from the Lord

For some reason, today I am carrying you in my heart more than usual, you who follows and believes in the Sound of God’s Voice on this profile. Wherever you are around the world, and whatever you are doing, I pray, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, that God will dispatch angels to fight your battles. I pray He will visit you and give you encounters with Him. I pray that you will sense His nearness and be filled with His Living Hope. I love you in Christ Jesus!
I specially pray for people reading this who feel really knocked out and low. The Lord is coming to you as the God who lifts up the fallen. I am praying that He raises you up again. Get your joy back! Get your hope back! Get your peace back! This is an assault from the kingdom of darkness that caused you to get here…but God is your victory! I am praying for you.