2020 prayer for the lost return of Prodigal children

2020 prayer for the lost return of Prodigal children
I am coming to you as a Lover. I will woo you, and you will fall in love with Me. Not My gifts. Not My blessings. Not what I can do. No. It will be I at the centre again. And your heart will ache for Me and beat only for Me. You will long for Me and desire Me. I will fill the whole scope of your focus. Many will think you are crazy. They thought the same about Noah in his day. Lovers! I call forth My Lovers! Some covered up in the debris of the cares of this world and its pleasures. I awaken Love in you! I stir up My Love in you! Fall in Love with Me! When you fall in love with Me, no one will need to push you to leave sin and worldliness. That will be childish behavior to you, something you’ll detest and be ashamed of as a woman ripe for Love. My Bride, come to Me. I have waited for too long. I draw you. Fall in Love with Me again!